"Remember those in prison as of you were their fellow prisoners, and those who are mistreated
as if you yourself were suffering.” -Hebrews 13:3

Our Mission

Our primary focus is to assist inmates, their families and their children in Northeast, TN and Southwest, VA. We help their children primarily by helping the inmates and the past offenders become better people – godly people and when that happens, their kids’ lives change dramatically! The majority of inmates have children and they are much more likely to become inmates themselves and that’s one reason why we believe ministering to inmates before and after their release is so important!  The national rate of recidivism – the rate at which ex-offenders return to prison – is 67%; BUT with a mentor that drops to 14%!  That’s a lot of kids who won’t have to go back thru the heartbreak of seeing mommy or daddy and in some cases mommy AND daddy go back to prison! There are many broken lives behind the walls and scripture gives many accounts of Jesus ministering to those with broken lives; the woman at the well…the one caught in adultery…the tax collectors…the man possessed…the list goes on. Jesus was all about ministering to BROKEN people!  He didn’t just save them – He restored them!  He reunified families; he made them socially acceptable; He restored them, changing not just their eternities but their lives in the “here and now”…giving them an abundant life regardless of their circumstances. We strive to help those He entrusts to us find Him and in doing so, find a new way of life. We know internal changes produce external changes in behavior which affects them and everyone around them, especially their children. Please check our "Events" page for a ministry update!

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Hands and Feet Ministries
Linda Austin, Executive Director
P. O. Box 507
Damascus, VA 24236

According to some estimates, nearly 67% of all ex-offenders will be arrested again within three years unless something is done to reduce this trend. The DOC budget is much more heavily weighted toward incarceration of offenders than toward the provision or programming for aftercare. The majority of these ex-offenders have histories of substance abuse and/or mental health problems. If communities fail to respond to the needs of this growing population, their recidivism rates will continue to be unacceptably high. The cost to the individuals and to society as a whole simply cannot be overstated.The overall recidivism rate in Washington County, VA is 50—70%.  Factors such as development of job skills, a vigorous spiritual life, and social contact with other productive citizens are major factors in empowering former felons to re-enter society successfully.